EcologicOwl Silicone Food Seal Lid (6pcs)

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You don’t have to use plastic wraps ever again! EcologicOwl Silicone Food Seal Lid is made from platinum silicone, sustainable, biodegradable and BPA free. Don’t waste money on single use aluminium and plastic wraps.This is much more appealing than the industrial-chemical smell of a roll of plastic wrap. Our Food Seal Lid is an amazing alternative to plastic wrap and plastic baggies.



EcologicOwl Silicone Food Seal Lid is durable and easily stretchable.

It is non-toxic, soft textured and extremely elastic.

EcologicOwl Silicone Food Seal Lid will easily fit most bowls, pots, containers, mugs, cups, cans, jars of different sizes and shapes.

Perfect for fruits, vegetables.

Temperature resistance is -25 to 220 ºC. You can use it in refrigerators and microwaves.

Note: Please leave a breathable gap when heating.

And also.. dishwasher friendly

Plastic pollution

Cheap and disposable, plastic has been a symbol of our throwaway culture. As a result, vast quantities pollute our world. Much of it flows into the oceans, turning them into a plastic soup. A truckload of plastic enters the ocean every single minute and UK supermarkets produce 800,000 tonnes every year. With production increasing, that’s set to rise. Reduce plastic consumption!


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