Seal Machine

£29,90 £15,90

You never have to worry about throwing food away or have it get ruined again. Seal Machine is great for home use. Perfect reseal unused portions of food, keep the food in freshness. You simply slides it along the edge of any bag and it has sealed airtight.


High temperature seal, ordinary plastic can be easily sealed, easy and convenient.

Dual function design is both the seal machine and the opening machine.

Effectively seal, block the dust in the air, keeping clean. Dry and not easy to damp, put into bags to seal, not waste, home help.

Compact and portable, good sealing, storage or refrigeration is more convenient.

Hook design, when not use can hang receive, do not take up space. The hook part can be disassembled.

Operate simply, aim at the opening, from left to right, gently stroke, can seal preservation.

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