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Is it a poncho? Is it a towel?

Meet our Poncho Towel. It is just like wearing a towel. Crafted from breathable, microfibre fabric so you don’t have to worry about the wetness feeling. It is massive, extremely cosy and with its abundance of colours and patterns, it’s made of show-off material. Our Poncho Towel designed for both men and women. You can wear our Poncho Towel at home, beach, poolside or after GYM, fitness, bath and so much more…

Join The New Poncho Towel Trend

Our Poncho Towel is a basically wearable towel. Your perfect companion to nearly anywhere: at home, poolside, beach, after GYM, fitness, bath, and so much more… 

One Size Fits All

Length measures 110 cm from shoulder to bottom. Width measures 45 cm and extra 30 cm for its hood.

At Home

At the Poolside


After GYM

After Bath

At the Beach

After Fitness

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Your Personsal Changing Room

Ideal for discreet modest changing in public places. Suitable for surfing, beach, watersports, camping, lake, river, and outdoor outfit changes.


Arrows, Burled, Butterfly, Feather, Flowers, Galaxy, Galaxy Flower, Hexagon, Laminae, Lotus, Octopus, Palm, Pelican, Pyramids, Shapes, Square, Triangle, Trigonal, Tropical, Whirly

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