Kraft Paper Shoulder Bag

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Here is your ecological and eco-friendly Kraft Paper Shoulder Bag. It is great alternative for polyester, synthetic and leather bags. Kraft Paper Shoulder Bag helps you to reinvent your personal and impressive style. You can put on these shoulder bags for all outdoor activities. Kraft Paper Shoulder Bag is made using corrugated cardboard paper. Yes, that’s right!


Meet Sustainable Fashion!

Product Dimensions

We use waterproof materials for our shoulder bags so that you can still use them in bad weather.


The bag has a generous main compartment plus various pockets and pouches for your smartphone, tablet and other valuables.

Kraft paper is 100% sustainable, and among one of the most popular packaging materials in the world. It is much more sustainable to manufacture Kraft paper compared to regular paper. Kraft is produced from all-natural ingredients such as pulp from all types of wood, while conventional paper uses specific woods.

Act ecologically correct!


Khaki, Green, White, Blue, Black

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