EcologicOwl Weaving Loom Kit

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Weaving is fun and easy to do at home!

Want to create a new crafty home decor? EcologicOwl Weaving Loom Kit can definitely help you to create a unique piece of art while having some fun time.
It can weave mats, wall decor, etc. The groove is made of high-quality pinewood, which is smooth and flat which protects your hand and the weaving work. Weaving is a great activity for developing concentration, creativity and more.

It’s easy to use, plus, there are plenty of video tutorials online.

Trendy Craft
Use the loom to weave beautifully textured modern wall hangings, cup mat, and more.

Smooth Groove
Avoids hurting your hands and reduces the abrasion of the wool during the weaving work.

Multiple Skills Development
Weaving helps kids to develop concentration and hand-eye coordination promotes fine motor skills and encourages creative expression.

It takes a few minutes to assemble. Then use the needle to pass the weft thread through the warp in an ‘over and under’ sequence.

High-Quality Materials
The pinewood is sustainable, non-toxic, durable, and delicate.


Material: Pinewood
Size: 40*30cm/15.7*11.8″

Package Contents

1x Looms frame
3x Shuttle
1x Bobbin
1x Wooden comb
1x Installation Instruction

Is Pine Sustainable?

Pine, viewed as a soft wood, is sustainable largely because it grows quickly, meaning forests can be replenished without the wait it takes to regrow an oak or other hardwood forest. Yellow pine is used in home and boat construction due to its density, while white pine, which is softer, is used for crafting, carpentry and furniture. It also resists warping.


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