Eco Cork Wallet

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You can look fashionable while saving the Earth! Meet sustainable fashion! Here is your ecological wallet! It is great alternative for polyester, synthetic and leather wallets. Our wallets designed for you to reinvent your personal and impressive style. Eco Cork Wallet comes comprising of six card-holding slots inside along with a zipped coin pocket.


Meet sustainable fashion!

Cork Fabric Production

Incredibly Sustainable: Cork

Cork is as natural, sustainable, renewable and good for the environment as we can imagine a material to be. The cork that makes up natural wine stoppers comes from the bark of cork oak trees that grow in Mediterranean Europe and North Africa. When the cork is harvested the trees are not cut down, instead their bark is carefully stripped away by hand in a skilled trade that is passed down over generations.

Act ecologically correct!


Arabesque, Colourful, Flower, Leaves

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