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Is it a hoodie? Is it a blanket?

Meet our Eco Blanket Hoodie. It is just like wearing a blanket. Crafted from ultra-soft, breathable, sherpa fleece so you don’t have to worry about the cold. It is massive, extremely cosy and with its abundance of colours and patterns, it’s made of show-off material. Eco Blanket Hoodie designed for both men and women. You can wear these hoodies for all indoor and outdoor activities.

Join The New Hoodie Trend

Eco Blanket Hoodie is a based on a 6XL hoodie. Your perfect companion to nearly anywhere: summer camping, evening naps on the couch, hanging out with friends, cuddling with your pet, and so much more… 

Nothing Has Ever Felt This Cosy or Fun

Enjoy the cosy feeling of being able to wear your blanket all day wherever you go. And feel elated by how much it makes you and those around you smile because you can’t help but have fun wearing one.

Summer Camping Trips

Frosty Cold Mornings

Watching Movies With Friends

Evening Naps


A Hoodie to Show Off and Have Fun In

With an abundance of fun colours and patterns, and crafted with our sherpa fleece, the massive hoodie wasn’t just made to lounge around in. You will want to show it off while hanging out with friends and family.

Your New All Day Uniform

Made with ultra-soft material that wraps around your body like a comforting and relaxing blanket, Eco Blanket Hoodie will be the first thing you will want to put on to destress after a long day’s work. In fact, you will probably never want to take it off.

Feel Like Hugging a Sheep

With warm sherpa fleece on the inside, you’re going to feel like you’re hugging a sheep.

The Most Versatile Garment

Use it as a blanket, wear it as a hoodie, either way, you’re going to be super cosy and feeling refreshed with a huge smile on your face when wrapped in one of our Eco Blanket Hoodie. They are like one big colourful hug.

One Size Fits All

Modelled after a 6XL Hoodie

Massive Pocket

Large hoodie pocket to hide all of your snacks

Easy to care for

Machine washable and no fuss. Just toss it in the washing machine and that’s it! 



Black, Blue, Grey, Pink, Red, Black Deer, Blue Deer, Reed Deer, Leopard, Tiger, Zebra, Mexican Pie, Plaid, Colourful

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