Do Not Gift Toxic Perfumes

Although you may love their smell, many perfumes contain toxic ingredients that disrupt the hormone balance in our bodies, cause allergic reactions or even cancer. Federal labelling laws allow numerous toxic chemicals to fall under the generic term ”fragrance” on a product label, making it almost impossible for consumers to determine the safety of a given cosmetic product.

Pure essential oils are considered a safer alternative to synthetic perfumes and come in a wide variety of scents and mixtures. You can shop yours’ at EcologicOwl.

Give a Potted Plant

Unfortunately giving a decent shaped bouquet can be expensive. If roses are grown in greenhouses, they likely require artificial light and heat before being flown or hauled in a temperature-controlled truck, resulting in significant energy use and carbon emissions. If flowers are grown in another country, they need to be transported thousands of miles, which is also bad for the environment. If you want to gift flowers in a more green way, you can always gift the potted plant and you have many options. If your significant other is not very good at plant care, consider giving a plant that doesn’t need much care such as bamboo plant, aloe, philodendron. You can even give a plant that will increase indoor air quality such as peace lily, rubber plant or weeping fig.

Sew Valentines With Scraps of Fabric

Some creations of yours only require cardstock and scraps of fabric. Look into your sewing box for scraps, or you can cut-up old clothing the way you want to. These cards don’t need be %100 straight so you won’t need a pattern or lots of pre-work unless you want to make more accurate creations. Cut your fabrics into to the shapes you want, it can be flowers, hearts or your shape of choice. Use a sewing machine (if you don’t have one hand sewing is just fine) sew the scraps onto your cardstock. If you want you can also add flair, buttons and such.

Reusable Snack Bags

If you like to pack your significant other’s lunch or they want to pack theirs to eat more home-packed meals to be greener, this little present will show you care. Try to avoid single use plastic utensils and switch to re-usable ones. Your significant other’s daily snacks have never looked so cute.


Chocolate is a staple for Valentine’s Day, but making sure that a bar has been handled in ways that are environmentally friendly can be tricky.  If your significant other has other diet programs be careful to choose your chocolate according to it. Also, try to choose a brand that contributes animal life or ecological life.


For tea lovers, a new and romantic bunch of flavours can be an amazing gift. Organic teas are great for environment. While doing it try to brew it with ecological products to double your saving earth impact.

Support your local artists

Most of the art exhibitions are free, local theatre is also good for your pockets! Makes so much better gift than a stuffed bear.

Get crafty

The most meaningful thing you can give this holiday is the handcrafted, made with love gifts. It reflects how much you care and you would spend time & effort making them so that reflects how you feel. You can make canvas art however, you want to show you affection.

Have a picnic

So weather in February are questionable time to have picnic but if you get some sunshine and good temperatures, pack up your food and drink, pick a instagrammable location and enjoy the moment together. Enjoy everything that nature is offering.

But make sure to take your rubbish home with you!

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